Procurment Assistance & Installation Support

Procurement Assistance & Installation Support

We provide reliable Procurement Assistance Services to our clients. Before finalizing vendors, we take the aspects such as certification, clients and years of experience in the industry, testing facilities, infrastructure and other related factors into consideration so as to render SVECS and reliable services.

SVECS can assist you in:

Preparation of detailed specifications and data sheets for various plants, equipment, machinery and system.

Invite bids for supply of various plant equipment, machinery and systems.

Prepare detailed tender documents for supply and installation of various systems like HVAC, Water treatment and distribution, Electrical, Steam generation and distribution etc.

Techno-commercial evaluation of the bids and recommend the best alternative.

Checking & approval of vendor drawings.

Checking & approval of contractors site erection drawings.

Preparation of Factory Acceptance Test protocols.

Expediting with vendors for timely supply of all machinery and equipment.

Factory inspection of all equipment and machinery prior to dispatch.